CRADA International Kindergarten


A Bridge to the Future CRADA INTERNATIONAL Kindergarten Enroll Now! CIK is an international kindergarten which has a reputation for the best education programs in Seoul and has achieved recognition from not only Koreans but also parents from many countries since it was established in 1998. CIK has prepared diverse education programs which enhance healthy child development. These programs are carefully structured to be age appropriate based on extensive educational research. CIK is an international school that raises children to be global leaders. To advance your child's education, we employ a variety of teaching materials and provide quality programs to help the children be successful. CIK will strive to provide your child with a variety of advanced education programs as well as a joyful and caring learning environment. Kindergarten : 2 year~ 6 year  - Regular class : 9:30 AM ~ 2:40 PM - After school : 2:40 AM ~ 4:20 PM (Including snack) * After-school programs are optional. Kids are able to participate in after-school programs until 4:30. Elementary summer school Age : 6 year~ 7 year This program will remain active from August 14th through August 14th. E-mail: Tel: +82-2-543-5563 Homepage: Address: 634-4 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Map CREATIVITY. CONFIDENCE. FRIENDSHIP. It all start at CIK I. Why CIK program? 1. Experienced educators Since opening in 1998, CIK has been with children for a long time and has provides a full and well-rounded education. With an outstanding and challenging curriculum, CIK and its many teachers has been commended by many parents. CIK is renowned to be an excellent educational institution 2. Best educational environment As an international school, CIK provides an educational environment that encourages the flourishing of academic and personal skills. Our teachers are committed to supplying the students of CIK with personal attention at all times. 3. Quality program CIK programs cultivates our students to achieve their educational goals. For example, we provide programs in moral character, comprehension, creativity, and problem solving skills. We also teach emotional and social skills through balanced integrated education programs such as language, math, science, music, social studies, art and physical education. CIK also furnishes programs that reach outside the scope of a traditional classroom like summer camp, observation of animals and plants, watching musicals, field trips, and swimming class. 4. Superior after-school programs We also provide a variety of after-school programs. We give our children the opportunity to actively participate in fun activities like cooking classes, special art classes, dance classes, Taekwondo classes, piano classes, ballet classes, swimming classes, Korean classes, math classes.  5. Structured elementary programs CIK analyses the curriculum of elementary school programs and structure our programs for maximum development in learning. Our school also encourages our students to become global leaders. 6. Systematic structured supervision CIK completes reports cards every month based on what the students have learned and how much they have improved. Our systematic structure will provide you with insight into your child's character and development. II. Education goal 1. The education that builds a student's appropriate character We look to provide an education that nurtures a student's ability to perceive different situations with emotional stability. 2. Creative ability that allows students to become future leaders Our educational programs develop our students to become an integral part of the future. 3. Intelligent education that guides students towards success Through our diverse and international approach, students can obtain a tried and true implementation of daily routines that are beneficial in becoming successful in the future. 


848, Eonju-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

South Korea

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