ECLC Early Childhood Learning Center


We provide our students with a fun, engaging and holistic learning environment where they feel safe, respected and loved. We understand that children are best served by a holistic program that addresses all aspects of their development - cognitive, physical, social and emotional. With 2 fully certified teachers in each classroom, instruction is differentiated to allow each child to grow and develop at his/her own pace and potential. Based on the principles of "best practice" in early childhood education, our Program of Learning follows the International Primary Curriculum. ECLC is an active member of KORCOS (Korea Council of Overseas Schools). The Head of School is a member of EARCOS (East Asia Regional Council of Overseas Schools) and is the founder of the Consortium of Early Childhood Educators Korea. Located near the Capital Hotel in Dongbinggo-dong, ECLC has been the early childhood program of choice for many families in the international community in Seoul since 1969. "Please call to arrange a tour of our great little school." MISSION ECLC is a nurturing early childhood program, dedicated to providing our students with the fundamental skills necessary to become lifelong learners: the capacity to inquire, to express ideas, to think independently, and to work cooperatively. By educating the whole child, we prepare them to become responsible, compassionate global citizens for an ever-changing world. PHILOSOPHY *We believe children do not simply receive knowledge – they construct it from a variety of active, hands-on experiences. *We fit the program to the needs of the child rather than vice versa. *"Differentiation" of learning activities is a critical element of a quality early childhood program. *We understand that children learn at different rates in different developmental areas. One size does not fit all. *Teacher assessment of a childs abilities is a primary factor in determining what kinds of activities are selected. *In general, more emphasis should be placed on the process, rather than the product, of learning. *All children should leave school at the end of each day feeling like they were successful at school. *Education is not a race. It is a journey. Contact Information 12 Jangmun-ro 6-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul. Tel: 02 795 8418 Website: Email: kindergarden in Yongsan-gu. With three programs of learning: *Toddler (2-3years) *Preschool (3-4years) *Kindergarten(K1& K2) (4-6years)


12 Jangmun-ro 6-gil, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

South Korea

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02 795 8418

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